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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  December 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the search for shane enters another day coming up we are live with the latest on efforts to find the missing college student at the reward grows for information, in that case. and a failed rescue attempt in yemen end in the death of an american photo journalist, we will have the latest coming up. a deer, after i crashes through a front door of the new jersey home, we will explain. today is sunday december 7th, good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. 6:00 o'clock on the dot. let's check the forecast. it seems like no rain in the forecast. that is good news. carol. >> we replaced rain with wind. but it is going to be a lit built brighter and by the time the sunnies up it will be a
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lot bright tore day and it might be within of the brightest days we will find all week long. we will look out and we will find 35 degrees right now at reading. the it is dark, but at least it is dry today. do not expect any precipitation. you can see it has moved away. it moved away west to east. clouds are following. there are still clouds out there and a you can find them from the western suburbs but they are moving out too so expect a bright day and they are being pushed out by strong wind. we have 38 degrees, right now in philadelphia a. thirty-six in trenton. 36 degrees in wilmington. below freezing, 27 degrees in the poconos, and 39 in wildwood. wind gusts are gusting, 25 miles an hour in philadelphia, we have 33 miles an hour gusts in the poconos and 28 miles an hour win gust in wilmington and dover. so with that said our temperatures should be getting in the middle 40's today. we will be feeling colder because of have that wind but it will be bright, and nice out there, but lets put our
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future weather into motion, this thing is just about perfect. i love that. that means it has got a good chance of being right the rest of the day. by the time we hit 3:00 o'clock we have clear skies and by the time we hit tomorrow morning we're fine but note is what happens tomorrow. we will pick up some clouds. why that? that is because of the coastal storm that is copping and we will talk about the impact coming up. nicole. >> carol, thank you. day 11 and still no sign of missing west chester university student shane montgomery. volunteers will continue to look for the 21 year-old today. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live in manayunk where special services will be held it in, syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. prayer services will be held at saint john the baptist church which is right behind me here in manayunk as this is a after friends and family are pleading with the public's help, hoping that someone has seen shane, or know his whereabouts. "eyewitness news" spoke with his mother yesterday and this is what she had to say.
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>> i think it will just take one very courageous person to tell somebody what happened to shane. >> reporter: shane montgomery's mother is reeping out to the community in hopes of finding her 21 year-old son. montgomery went missing more than a week ago, he was last seen leaving a bar, in manayunk, since then, crews have been searching the area including the canal and hopes of finding the west chester university student, a reward has now increased to $50,000. >> if money is an incentive for somebody to help, then i would go to the ends of the earth. >> reporter: web site called help shane has been set up and people can down load flyers to post in their neighborhood. friend, family even total strangers have been posting flyers like this with the green he next to it as a symbol of hope. >> green is shane's favorite color and it is a sign have of hope for me, and my family.
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>> reporter: and role tears will also be at the eagles game, this evening, passing out flyers, hoping that someone can recognize shane, know where he is, again, a prayer services will be held at this church saint john the baptist, here in manayunk. we're live, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile investigators are searching for gunman left a man dead on the north philadelphia a street. officers found that rick tim with multiple gunshot and stab wound while responding to a call for shots fired. this happened at 8:30 on the 2400 block of north side ham street. so far no arrests have have been made. a pedestrian was killed after he was truck wye two vehicles this is hit and run crash in the in montgomery county. search is now on for the drivers this all happened near rambo and ford streets in bridgeport friday night. the paul victim was first struck by a ford explorer. police say the driver stopped for a moment and then fled that scene. victim was then struck by a
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dark green cadillac or lincoln s. uv. the driver kept going as well. we are learning more details now about a failed rescue attempt that ended in a death of two hostages in yemen including an american. the as cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham reports, this was the second rescue attempt in a matter of days. >> reporter: u.s. officials say al qaeda linked militants in yemen killed photo journalist luke somers early saturday during a u.s. led raid to rescue him. >> this is a despicable crime. >> reporter: u.s. official says that the operation in southern yemen lasted about 30 minutes and during the mission, special forces lost the element of surprise. this video posted on a gee hey web site reports to show fire fight that broke out once navy seals were potted during the fight, the seals saw a militant run in the building where somers and south african teacher pierre corky were being held. when they entered they found
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both had been shot. >> it was a are dangerous, very complicated mission but like always in these efforts there is risk. >> reporter: president obama authorized the rescue mission friday, believing somers life was in imminent danger. thursday, al qaeda in the arab an peninsula posted a video threatening to kill the american. the three three-year old was kidnaped in september, 2013. this was the second a attempt to rescue somers. in late november, navy seals raided a cave-in yemen but he was not there. president obama strongly condemned killing saying those who seek to harm u. sittens will feel the long arm of american justice. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a u.s. airways flight from tel aviv to philadelphia is diverted todd rome after flight attendants and passengers started to feel sick. officials say an unusual odor
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was reported so the plane made an unusual landing. three flight attendants and two pass eveningers were check but they are doing okay. all 129 passengers have been rebook and that plane is now being checked. well, check out this fiery scene along i78 in uniontown ship, new jersey. you can see two cars, trucks rather, collided, leading a tanker truck to explode. now roads were closed for hours as emergency workers tried to help victims and cleared that scene. one person suffered fatal injuries in the accident. the the cause of the crash is under investigation. scare for a home owner in gala way township saturday afternoon, a deer burst through a front door of the house on northampton drive. woman inside told police she was putting sweet potatoes in the oven when the deer barged in. a after a brief standoff police escorted the deer from the home and released it back in the woods. bathroom we're told had significant damage. happening today some
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exciting news for you, new york city is getting ready for a royal visit. the yeah, duke and duchess of cambridge will touchdown in the big apple today. royal couple has a pack agenda during their three day exhibit. they will pay their respects to the 911 memorial, stop by cavaliers nets game and visit the white house this will be kate's first visit in new york city. the here's expecting their second child in april. royal watchers have an exciting day ahead. 6:08. a typhoon slams in the philippines, we will show you some of the damage coming up next. also ahead a earthquake rattles chine, how it is responsible for a nine year-old's death. plus this. malls want to get shoppers a off their computers and back in the stores this holiday season i'm paula reid in virginia and i'll show you how they plan to do it. also a ahead we are drying out after a day of heavy rain, carol returns with what to peck today and the the latest on the possible coastalla
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skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! count down to christmas is on and local holiday shoppers in full force this weekend. gloucester township police officers took deserving children shopping, "eyewitness news" at the the target on berlin cross keys road, this is all part of the department's heroes and helpers program. afterwards the children met
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with sanity clause at near by chick-fil-a where they all had lunch. reindeers among them. those shoppers searched for homemade bowls to make center piece of the holiday feast or get to that special someone on their list. "eyewitness news" in collinswood for empty bowls event at the center for the arts. local artists created and donated the bowls, proceeds go to a good cause. >> the empty bowl is given as a reminder of the empty bowls in the world and these proceeds generally go towards a food relief organization, center for the arts has chosen the food bank of south jersey and half of the proceeds go towards the food bank, the other half goes towards our scholarship program. >> the cost of the bowl included some soup and other treats provided by area restaurants. great event there. well, holiday shopping season is here and while it is always nice to shop on line from the comfort of your home traditional malls are using mobile and on line technology to try to get customers into stores this holiday season. paula read has that report.
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>> ho, ho, ho. >> reporter: at tyson's corner mall in virginia the wait the to see santa will be more fun this year. there are games, dancing elfs and a machine that knows whether you have been naughty or nice. >> you made the nice list. >> i have been to anything like this in a number of years but this is definitely a better experience because there is things to do, you weren't just standing there bored. >> reporter: santa a's interactive workshop is part of the plan to get customers off their computers and into the mall to shop. bobbies tyson's are marketing manager. >> they love coming to see santa and brings santa in the digital age as well. >> reporter: malls are offering apps that a allows shop tours make dinner reservations, get discounts, even have have their packages delivered right to the that front door. >> reporter: brook bridges using the app every time she comes to the mall. she gets special offers on her phone and can even text a special request like package
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delivery. >> it would be nice to not to have to carry my packages home. >> reporter: concierge requests are handled inside the mall's high tech common center: >> guests looking for lunch options and i will recommend restaurant. >> reporter: they hope this technology and convenience will get shoppers spend nothing stores instead of on line. paula reid, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. well, our joy of sharing campaign is in full swing. if you can, we want to you buy a new, unwrapped toy and bring it to a drop off location. for a full list, go to cbs or call is 215-977-joys or text a donation which is really i am is many, just text the word joy to 41444. speaking of the the season, lot of people will head out to get that christmas tree, carol, will they have a good day a ahead? a little better than yesterday. >> take some extra ties down if you are strapping it to the car because the wind will be
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very strong again today. in fact, nicole, we are seeing wind gusts of 30 miles an hour plus in some parts of our area it the looks nice out here this morning because it is dry, finally, after a kay of rain, one half to about an inch of rain yesterday, it was just one of those real super soakers. temperatures are cool and they are cooler then they were yesterday morning at this point. we have 38 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-six trenton. thirty-six in wilmington. at least everybody is a above the freezing mark with the exception of the poconos at 27 degrees. we have an interesting couple of days of weather coming up, not so much today. today is a windy daze because we will start to get interesting with this coastal storm that is coming for us by the time we hit late monday night into tuesday, a slow mover and then into wednesday and we will detail everything that we know at this point. chilly start to the day and it feels colder because look at the wind. right down out of the north. 17 miles an hour wind through philadelphia and millville. 21 miles an hour winds. these are sustained wind and
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they are gusting to 25 to 30 miles an hour already. storm scan three there it goes, the rain system and you can see the clouds following it out, they will be gone, we will be left with some clear skies today, lots of sunshine today, you'll like the look of the day and probably one of the brightest days we will find over the next couple at least. temperatures today will be getting in the 40's and then tomorrow, we're still into the 40's, barely we will watch this system climbing up the coast and it moves very slowly, so this is going to be from monday night right through wednesday morning as it makes its trek and it is going to be bringing a writ of weather conditions. most of it around here should be rain but you'll get far enough inland and find wet snow mixing in. even on the back side of this on wednesday, because you can see wet snow even in philadelphia a, way too early to tell but just kind of the many things that you have to always talk in the back of your mine. the back of our mind is so filled with stuff we had to put there.
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anyway we are looking at today that tomorrow we will start with the clouds. notice them coming in off the ocean and then that will continue right through monday evening, and then by the time we get to early tuesday morning we will start to watch the rain coming in here. that is 3:00 a.m. thinks a look, early look, again, this will change, timing will change but notice amount of rain and also windy, this is 7:00 o'clock tuesday morning. we will see this rain coming in even heavier by 10:00 o'clock in the morning possibly by 1:00 in the the afternoon we will get heavy rain through philadelphia, does it pull away? by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday, as some colder air gets wrapped in? that is entirely possible. it is also entirely possible that the timing on that will change a little will bit. we will continue to monitor that. impact seems to be heavy rain and wind, tidal flooding is very likely and snow for the north interior. i put this future snow amount, again, subject to change, placement and amounts but notice it looks as if we go through tuesday at 11:00 it
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is well to the north out of the fill era use but it start to creep down on wednesday. could there be enough cold air to bring a band of precipitation even to our western suburbs with some snow? it is possible. again this is a storm that bears watching. it is a strong one. it is a nor'easter. it will be coming in here. that is late monday but especially tuesday and dragging itself way wednesday timetable. by comparison, today, looks not that bad, right, sunshine, temperatures in the 40's, except for the poconos where we are in the middle 30's there but remember these wind. it is 30 miles an hour wind at times, that of course will make it feel a lot colder. tonight it will be cold. we are down to 25 degrees tonight, almost jackets on again, pets in, keep everybody nice and comfortable because look at the next couple of days. we keep temperatures in the lower 40's at best, nighttimes we're in the 30's. we will get wet weather coming on monday late, tuesday, all day, maybe gannon wednesday with some bands of
6:19 am
precipitation in here. so we will continue to watch that coastal storm during the first mid pennsylvania part of the week and then after that we should be finding slow improvement around here, nicole. >> well, some add news to report this morning. tragedy in china after a young boy dies when part of his house collapses during an earthquake. chinese state media say the nine year-old was killed after a 5.5 magnitude quake struck southwest china 22 or people were injured during the the quake which hit saturday evening in the rural area have of the province. well, a monster typhoon makes land fall in the philippines knocking out power in many areas and sending more than 650,000 residents searching for shelter. at one point gusts reached about 106 miles an hour. the good news is there are no reports of fatalities or major damage. forecasters say the storm was not as bad as once predict. on this day, 73 years ago history would be change forever, december 7th, 1941 a
6:20 am
date which will live in infamy. thousands of in americans were killed and wounded in the surprise attack at pearl harbor. the day after franklin roosevelt delivered a powerful speech calling for congress to declare war on japan. that marked the united states entrance into world war two, pearl harbor survivors will attend memorial ceremonies to commemorate seventh third
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(together) it's got grains, which i like. i like the little bunches of oats. what i like is actually the flakes. it's got crunch, which i love. mmm. it's really good. honey bunches of oats. yay! a little hollywood in philadelphia as dozens turnout for open casting call for new rocky spin off movie. potential background players
6:23 am
showed off their skills in south philadelphia high school, the film is called creed and stars sylvester stallone. he is repricing his role of rocky balance bowa. production will begin january 26th and run through end of march right here in the philadelphia area. four seasons ago billy gardell and melissa mccarthey captivated audiences as mike and molly. >> where are you going. >> out for a drink. >> okay. hang on a second let me throw on my shoes. >> oh, no, sweety, you stay here, the dark ugly drinking i need to come from a hard core bag. >> season five premiers tomorrow night right here on cbs-3, "eyewitness news" anchor pat ciarrocchi caught up with billy gardell recently and learn he is not just a comedy actor but a dad with a lot of heart. >> i really love it. it is not a cookie cutter place. each of these theaters that is their own soul.
6:24 am
>> reporter: owe does billy gardell. he touched lightening with the success of mike and molly. >> one of the magic things about our show is, everybody was about 40, when when we hit success and then melissa shot off in the stars but at the same time we were still in that age group. it wasn't about oh, let me be entitle, it was man, we should be grateful because look what we get to do. >> i cannot be worried about you and do my job at the same time do you hear me. >> let me say one thing you are so accountsy when you talk like that i really want to kiss you right now. >> reporter: with the handfull of seasons together, billy says that the cast connection is strong. >> this season has been great. we have done 11 episodes owe far and the cast knows each other so well and we still really love each other and respect each other and we have since very beginning. we are not a very normal television show. nobody has gone nuts. >> reporter: how is the show put together it scripted or improve. >> there is not a lot of improve until it gets to melissa a she will just do
6:25 am
something and you don't know where it is going but that is a funnel meant of where we do and my job is to see if i can be ready for that to happen and when i am and he does that then you get that magic moment. >> reporter: for billy gardell real magic happens at home with his wife and young son. i was curious about his secrets. >> i love him and he knows i would die for him but he also knows i'm his parent. that is best thing you can do. if you just try to be your kids friend you will end up with a a monster that is just my opinion. >> reporter: billy, does your son really understand your fame. >> he also understands that i'm his dad and that is more important. when this first started i made a deis to keep my home life separate from what it is i do so i had a long talk with him. i said this is daddy's job, that is all it is. i work a very hard, got lucky, and i got a great job, that is what i do. who i am is your father. that is first and foremost. so i keep that it way in life.
6:26 am
it is pennsylvania inside my life, outside los angeles. >> reporter: what is secret to the happy marriages specially when you are so high profile. >> my grandfather used to say you can be right or you can be married, and that is good. find a good grounded woman, listen to what it says. if it makes you want to drive-in traffic sometimes at the end of the day you are a better man. >> reporter: new season premiere monday night at 8:30 plus it is now in syndication nightly on the cw philly. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". he just seems like a good guy? 6:26. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news". >> where will protester for eric garner and michael brown take their message next. i'm brian web in new york. i'll tell you about a plan to bring them all together coming up. plus a warning for parents as you shop for your children this holiday, coming up in the healthwatch which toys may be too dangerous for kids this year. the g od news rain moves
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out but carol has other news in the the forecast for your
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today, it is sunday december 7th, thanks for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:30. lets check that forecast. carol, folks have outdoor plans, maybe getting christmas
6:30 am
tree. good day to do it. >> certainly better than yesterday. yesterday we saw so much rain around here, half inch to 1 inch of rain. temperatures were okay but that was about it. rain certainly made an impact on everything. today is sunshine, and wind will be experiencing, our temperatures right now 36 degrees. that is at palmyra cove nature park, and it is a morning that is starting to brighten up. we have a full moon out there clouds are leaving. it is very possible that you can see that beautiful full moon out there this morning. you can see on storm scan three as clouds get out and rain gets further a away that our day will start to brighten and it will look beautiful but will feel cooler then yesterday. thirty-eight in philadelphia right now. thirty-six trenton. thirty-six in wilmington. in the 20's, 27 degrees in the poconos but everybody else above freezing mark at this point. we have winds gusting to 25 miles an hour in philadelphia it is windy out there. combination of the wind and
6:31 am
those temperatures makes it feel like 29, in philadelphia, feels like 25 degrees out in trenton. twenty-six in wilmington and it feels like ten in the poconos. now expect to find temperatures getting in the middle 40's. we have sunshine, that breeze all day long, it will make it feel more like the 309's all day long. as we go through we will brighten up nicely. things look great here. this is probably one of the better days we will be finding because clouds start to build and that is going to be as we go in through the day on monday, we are going to be finding clouds coming in here. there is a coastal system on the way. we will details that, timing, and impact as they look to be right now and that is just ahead, nicole. >> okay, carol thank you. family of the missing west chester university student shane montgomery is holding on to hope he will be found safe. reward for information now stands at $50,000. the "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live where search resumes for the 11th day, syma, good morning.
6:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, nicole. shane montgomery went missing early thursday morning, thanksgiving morning rather, more than a week later there has been no sign of him, now montgomery was last seen leaving a bar in manayunk, since then, crews have been searching the area, including the canal in hopes of finding the west chester university student. the fbi is also aiding in the search for shane. prayers and vigils have been held for shane and a web at called help fine shane has been set up and people can down load flyers to post in their neighborhoods. a reward has now increase todd 50,000 you dollars. >> if money is an incentive for somebody to help then i would go to the ends of the earth to come up with anything. i just need that one courageous person to come forward with information about shane. >> reporter: friend and family members will be at the eagles
6:33 am
game today handing out flyers, hoping some would be has seen shane, also there will be a prayer services at saint john the baptist church, here in manayunk. we're live, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 eye bitterness news. same, thank you. funeral services are held for three children killed in the murder/suicide in tabernacle new jersey. family and friend gathered at church of the holy eucharist on medford lakes road. they said good bye to nicholas harriman, nadia harriman and 11 year-old alexander harriman. police say jeaninne lepage shot her three children inside the family home on holy park drive november 20th before taking her own life. members of the universal church in cherry hill dude in silence to remember eric garner. the the protest was organized in response to the grand jury decision not to indict a new york city police officer in garner's choke hold death. it is calling for peace and just advertise for all people. meantime foreigner's family is
6:34 am
getting ready to take their message to leaders in washington. cbs news correspondent bribe web has more. >> reporter: on a cold rainy day on new york's staten island eric garber's family laid a wreath at a spot where he had a final confrontation with police this week a grand jury decided not to charge new york city police officers daniel panta the leo in the apparent choke hold death of garner. next saturday garner's will head to washington d.c. to lead a march for justice with reverend al sharpton and other families who have lost loved ones in police involved incidents. >> any movement that does not result in change is a movement that missed its opportunity and became a moment not a movement. >> grand jury decision not to indict the officer in eric garner's death came on the heels of the similar decision in michael brown's death in ferguson, missouri. both cases prompted public
6:35 am
outcry and protests around the country. >> they are standing for my son. my hearties overflowing with joy. >> i feel the spirit of god moving people all around the world as a peaceful protest what has happened. >> reporter: wreath to honor eric garner's leave was left behind a along with the prom toys make sure garner's death will make a difference n new york, brian web, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the annual firebird festival suffered a setback after someone set fire to the festival's center piece just hours before that event was set to begin. chopper three was over the 30-foot high wooden phoenix on friday as you see there on the screen. birdies typically set on fire during that festival to symbolize the former steel town's renaissance through arts and culture some one burned down the phoenix around 3:30 saturday morning. authorities say they have no
6:36 am
suspects, but the festival did go on as planned. >> that is a shame. 6:36. new tonight the philadelphia parking authority has a announced there will be relaxed enforcement on kiosk parking spaces in the city for today only. p pa says this is due to a technical problem having to do with technical problems at the kiosk. any citizen who received a parking violation on friday or saturday due to the credit card malfunction may bring this to the attention of the p pa customer service department. so there you go. all right. on the healthwatch, many parents are shopping for toys for their children and now there is new information on a growing number of injuries related to certain toys. "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl explains what is dangerous and why. >> reporter: foot powered scooters are popular and fun for kids but also, dangerous. >> we can combo fast. >> reporter: new research from nationwide children's hospital shows injuries related todd toys have increased nearly
6:37 am
40 percent in the past two decades for small children the hazard is smoking on small toys but toys on wheels caused the most injury. >> injuries typically resulted from a fall, to the face or to the head, sometimes fractures, and more rarely, a traumatic brain injury. >> reporter: ride on toys include scooters, wagons, tricycles and motorized cars for kids. bicycles were not included in the study. >> when parents purchase toys they need to read the warning labels and the information on the packages to make sure that toy is appropriate for their child based on their child's age. >> reporter: doctor gary smith says when it comes to ride on toys children should be supervised and always wear a helmet. this mom says she's not too worried about toy-related injuries. >> i kind of lean a little bit more towards the the idea of just like let kids be kids and, you know, accidents happen, of course, i want them to wear a helmet more often then in the. >> reporter: researchers say every three minutes a child is treated in the emergency room
6:38 am
for a toy-related injury and these numbers are growing. the the toy industry association says that while the injuries may happen when a toy was being used, that doesn't mean that the toy itself caused the injury. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, on saturday, a special event hosted by susan g komen philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at 14th annual sisters for the cure event in center city. women learned about the early warning signs of breast cancer. our "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown was there. survivors also told their stories in hopes of empowering women to take charge of their health and to get that mammogram. so important. 6:38 right now. you could call it a social media miracle a missing ring is back where it belongs, and after a man turns to facebook to help find its owner. we will have that story coming up next. and santa is in speedos, hold the phone, yes, the race that has people running through the streets half
6:39 am
naked. all right. well, no swimsuits around here, that is for sure. carol is back to tell us about a chilly day ahead and chance for a coastal storm this week. you want to put this thing on your radar. we will be rig
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with micro-droplets of vaseline jelly relieves dry skin and moisturizes to heal it in just 5 days. clinically proven. that's the healing power of vaseline. back on "eyewitness news" now with the facebook message a massachusetts man had been waiting for a long time. daniel roark had been searching for answers for weeks after he found a ring during a dive in mexico. he posted a picture and story
6:42 am
on facebook and soon it was being shared around the world. well, he got a message yesterday morning that gave him the answer he was looking for a woman reach out saying ring belonged to a cousin lost it on her honey moon. >> i can't believe it. it is a blessing. >> fact that so many people were willing to go out of a way to share something nice abe it all paid off in the end. it is cool. >> nice to see people still doing the the the right thing. the couple had fallen on hard times but they say this was the news that they needed. so it all work out. another story for you, a man in chief land, yes has a christmas light display that could rival the one in christmas vacation. do you remember that movie in you might be tempt todd call him clark grisworld of north east, ohio. that is how crazy it is. been's display includes 45,000 lights. if you think outside of the house is insane, you have to see the inside.
6:43 am
twenty-nine trees deck the halls alongside with plenty of garland and blinking lights. they have the full max here. his own display goes back 15 years. he has been doing it a a while. it makes him happy when people see it and to him, it is worth $500 or so he pays in electric bills to power the display for a month and a half. 500 bucks but bringing lots of joy to lots of people. well, do you have the who will will daylights up? they don't have to be that crazy? but we want to see pictures of your holiday display just use the hash tag cbs-3 holiday lights or e-mail them to holiday lights at if they are good enough, if you do it up nice, they might come tour home and show them live, right here, on "eyewitness news". we will come. so, be careful what you wish for. have those cookies ready, right carol in we're hungry when we arrive. >> absolutely make hure light bulbs are on. i had one that goes out and the whole rest of them go out. >> yeah. >> you cannot figure where it is, it is a mess.
6:44 am
nicole, it is starting to brighten up. fortunately, the rain is gone. last people to see the rain at the shore but even they are not looking at that right now and there are some clouds out there, but they are leaving too. bright day, shaping up for us but a really windy one. it looks pretty nice though as we head toward the pocono region. 31 degrees. you can see skies are brightening up there as well. thirty-eight, in philadelphia, 36 in trenton. thirty-six wilmington. twenty-seven in the poconos. but with the win out there this morning it is feeling like 0 degrees in the poconos. you're seeing wind gusts of 33 miles an hour, up there, we have 25 miles an hour winds in philadelphia 26 miles an hour winds in millville. so, you get the idea, with very strong winds, and those temperatures, it feels like it is in the 20's or lower in every single location this morning. the clouds are on the way out, and they are on go, out, go, no one needs you. we have seen enough of this. that was one glummy day, yesterday we could put your hand about here and feel the
6:45 am
ceiling. the skies were so low yesterday. there it goes, next up the wind, dry conditions, sunshine, and then we will look to the south and we have got another system coming up, this one from the south and we're going to be finding a coastal storm around here. it is a slow moving one at that. so it is today, a day to be outside, get whatever it is you need done, it will feel colder then these temperatures in the 40's today feeling more like the 30's because of the winds, in the 20's, to 30 miles an hour gusts, and any of the higher gusts along the shore. plus you could be finding a little bit of coastal flooding this morning. there is a coastal flood advisory until 11:00 o'clock today and another one tomorrow. we have the full moon. just enough action to create some of that coastal flood concerns, so be careful of that. our temperatures today feeling colder than the 40's, but the sunnies out, which will be nice, to look at, between you and there and tomorrow we will start to see more clouds
6:46 am
between there and then this coastal system moves in. it ace slow mover. as this low, just climbs up the coast very slowly we will be getting involved in varying impacts of this as colder air might get drawn down in some sections. so let's time this computer model out. everything looks fine through today, tomorrow morning we will start to pick up more clouds. by the time we get to 9:00 o'clock tomorrow night it is still, according this computer model is dry for most everybody but then this rain comes in. this is 3:00 a.m., early tuesday morning, some of that rain starts to move in and then we will keep it around here. this is 7:00 o'clock on tuesday morning, subject to change as placement, timing is exact but you will get the idea that we have this heavy rain coming on through, should be pulling out of here but it is such a big system that it wraps around and we will get wrapped into a couple of these showers, even as we go later in the day on wednesday. that is something we have to continue to monitor, so the low pressure system coming up, impact will be some wind, some
6:47 am
rain, you'll find some beach erosion, tidal flooding is likely and snow for interior section of his of the northeast and you can see i have put where the snow amounts are at this point that it looks like and that is well to the north. temperatures, today, everything is cool today, we have literally, 45 in the philadelphia shore. poconos 356789 everybody colder because of that wind. just know that it will be in and windy with temperatures 41 at the kick off. it will get colder than that as the game goes on. forty-five to 30 miles an hour wind tonight, tonight 25 degrees. time for jackets, pets and that sort of thing, and did i trip on this cord? as we go through monday, we are looking at 40 degrees, >> it looks quiet around here. >> there is a lot of cop trucks still going on enduring
6:48 am
the off season at shore, the rebuilding, it is still from sandy and it is not over just yet. >> home owner rose henry is learning to love heights, she better. her brigantine front door is now 13 feet higher then it ever was. two years after sandy filled her house with water, the north end resident is still not finished. it is not the only one. >> basically we're all waiting for the grant money to come through which is the problem, lot of us have not finished because of that. >> reporter: money buys air, under houses. here's a photo of the low level brigantine house a day after sandy. here it is today, much higher, but still being work on. >> they're waiting. it is all insurance. some say they can go right ahead, state money came out faster to some people and that is what happened. >> reporter: almost winter shore construction boom is also as a result of homeowners still undecided as to whether to tear down like rosie's neighbors or build up or just put on the market.
6:49 am
meeting the new flood codes is costly even without side money when it comes in. >> if the state is giving you 30,000 towards it and from there up it can go up to 80, 90. >> i have been waiting for a long time but hopefully in the next i'm thinking couple months. i'm hoping. >> reporter: waiting for money, waiting for construction, waiting to put sandy really in the past. part of the waiting game at the shore. >> lots of construction going on. it is surprising this time of the year to see all that. >> you forget how you long it takes for these people to get back to normal. >> absolutely, for money to come in and decisions to be made on these properties. >> carol, thank you. >> 6:49. lets check on the roads with ann, good morning. >> good morning, nicole and carol. this is i-95 southbound in tinicum. i-95 shut down due you to an accident, a a serious one right at 420 and roadway is hut down. again they are trying to see police cars, ambulances there, and it is quite a mess. that is latest from the cbs-3
6:50 am
traffic center, i'm ann evans new nicole, back to you. this is an interesting one to tell you about, the temperature in boston yesterday may have been in the frigid 30's but that did not stop santa's from braving the cold in their bikinis. take a look at this yes, we all must look at it, parentally. more than 300 runners took part in the 15th annual santa a speed o run down boylston street. it raises money for boston's middle school program. at least it is a good cause. participants have raised more than $1.6 million instant is the run first started back in 2,000. wow. that is really something. still to come this morning, the eagles get ready to face super bowl champion seahawks. leslie van arsdal has a preview coming up next in sports. break out cocktail sauce another eating contest has competitors stuffing their faces, and, of course, we've got video for you, coming up
6:51 am
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! premiere game is between eagles and defending super bowl champion seahawks at the link. eagles looking to extend their home winning streak to 11 games. bird must find a way to keep quarterback russell wilson in check. he has a way of using his legs to extend plays and run for first downs. wilson says he is impressed with the eagles defense. >> wilson will keep it. >> they fly around, they are high effort guys. they have great talent on the defensive side of the football and finding ways to get to the quarterback. you can note that is on film. they are electric on defense. so we have to play great
6:54 am
football, protect it up, get the the ball out on time. >> unaudible. >> well, ready for battle of the birds at 11:30 sunday kick off sports director beasley reese, myself, voice of the birds merrill reese and cbs-3 special contributor lesean mccoy will cover every angle of the game right here on cbs-3. flyers out west trying to snap a six game losing streak against the kings. orange and black have not lost seven in a row since 2008. to the first period, no score, flyers, mark street pass toes claude giroux to beat jonathan quick for his yale goal of the season. second period flyers on the power play sean couturier to wayne simmonds scoring his 11th goal of the year. now they have a two goal lead. steve mason stopped 37 shots and flyers end that seven game losing streak with a two-one victory a battle between two worst teams in the nba,
6:55 am
pistons hosting sixers. sixers down three, 15 seconds left inbound pass to thompson, three pointer is good, that will tie the game at hundred. we are heading in the overtime. in the extra period sixers with a one point leader in lens noel hits floater and they beat pistons 108-101. college hoops on the main line tenth ranked villanova and st. joes. one side add fair. from the opening tip. chris jenkins on the three ball, villanova with a 14-two lead early. jay wright kept pouring it on, alley hoop, slamming on two points. know of ace eight-o with the 74-46 victory. college hoops at palestra, in the city series game between fran dunphy and temple. owls with the ball, quinton cozy hits the three ball. temple with a six-point half time lead lasalle for the back. terrell wright rolls it back, two points, with three minutes left. they are down by two.
6:56 am
112th left, jordan price with the chance to tie the game but lasalle gets the lead. shot no good. temple holds on to win it 58-57. andy tally and his wildcats taking on liberty in the second round of the playoff. they for the back from a 15-point deficit, to you know who john robert son with the quarterback keeper scoring the touchdown. villanova advances to the quarter finals with a 29-22 victory. the that is all for sports. i'm's leslie van arsdal have a great day. is there a new record at a popular shrimp cocktail eating champion ship and winner is not surprising, joey chestnut. he won the same champion ship last year, eating more than 9-pound of shrimp. get this, yesterday he beat that eating more than 10-pound of shrimp cocktail in eight minutes. how does one even do that. why does one even do that? competitive either walk away with a full belly of course and $2,000 in prize money. so i guess it was for the money. all right.
6:57 am
that is "eyewitness news" for you at 6:00. coming up next at 7:00 latest on the search for shane as a reward for this case, continues to grow. also ahead, the feds get involved in the series of church fires in delaware we will have an update to a story we told you about earlier in the week. and then can these apps get your son or daughter ready for college? i spoke with the experts. i will let you know what they said. plus carol has your forecast, windy right now but we could have a coastal storm heading our way. there is lots
6:58 am
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search for shane grows more desperate by the day, coming up, latest on the case as reward increases. also ahead new information about arson that destroyed seven churches. washington reacts to the failed rescue attempt that left two hostages including an american photo journalist dead. we will have the latest. after a drying out from a wet start to our weekend but more rain on the way, let's hope not? today is sunday december 7th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:00 o'clock. lets get that answer. it is pretty dry, right carol, that is good news. >> but more rain is on the way, one to 2 inches of rain, not to day, not tomorrow but tuesday with the coastal storm


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